September 2015 – Hang Time, Not Harvesting Yet

I am so happy with the long hang time the grapes are getting in the vineyard!  We are holding tight and letting nature run its course on the tail end of this 2015 vintage.  It has has been noted already that this 2015 vintage is more epic than the outstanding 2014 — and both beating 2012?!    LOVE Oregon wine!

hang time 2015 harvest

August in the Vineyard – 2015

This time of year is always so beautiful and exciting.  It is thrilling to see the change in the grapes, the maturity of the vineyard, and knowing of the harvest ahead.  I am so proud to see the Green cover knowing that we’ve had no rain since May, yet this is still a healthy, well vented, hydrated vineyard.

green cover IMG_9653