August in the Vineyard – 2015

This time of year is always so beautiful and exciting.  It is thrilling to see the change in the grapes, the maturity of the vineyard, and knowing of the harvest ahead.  I am so proud to see the Green cover knowing that we’ve had no rain since May, yet this is still a healthy, well vented, hydrated vineyard.

green cover IMG_9653

Italian Summer – 2015

I try to get to Italy each summer with Anya.  These trips feed the soul and electrify my senses.  From time with my Formaglini family to picking the brains of the local winegrowers, these experiences are immeasurable.  Counting the days until Italy 2016 already …

IMG958379italy ocean view 2015fattoria italy 15    napoli 2015napoli - july 15italy fattoria 2 2015

Pouring for OC Wine Retail Royalty

It is always nerve wracking to pour my wine for people — especially when the “people” are wine importing, retailing, and tasting experts like Tristen Beamon and Kyle Meyer, owners of the Wine Exchange in Santa Ana.  WineX (formerly Best Wines) carried our 2012 Pinot and I really wanted them to be as excited for the 2013 Vintage.  GREAT news!  They loved it and will add 2013 to their inventory for national and international online and in-store sales.



2013 On the Road – In Your Home

Last summer when we launched our 2012 vintage, we had many requests to participate in private tastings and dinners in the home of our friends and others that are true wine lovers.  We love that Formaglini is connecting and bringing people together to share great wine, food, conversation, and laughs.  We participated in our first In-Home event for the new 2013 Pinot on June 13th.  Thank you to our lovely hosts, Stacey Clinesmith and Kevin Barber in San Jose!

IMG_4092 IMG_4075