Our Story | Formaglini Vineyards

David de Lancellotti and his family bring you this ultra limited estate Pinot Noir inspired by a unique heritage of a single generation ago from Italy.

La Quercia (Bologna) Italy – 1925

about1The Formaglini family (my grandmother Onelia) came from a small village in the hills outside Bologna. It was there in the small community of La Quercia that this wine, this dream, was born. The traditions that were passed from that generation to our de Lancellotti family today is the passion behind this wine. It is our family’s belief that what was once simple and true, just a generation ago, is even more real today. This vineyard project and the wine made here in Oregon is a tribute to all those who shaped and enriched our lives.

Willamette Valley (WV) Oregon –
Today, we strive everyday to make wine that is true to the “Terra” of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.



Sitting at the top of Calkins Lane adjacent to the very best vineyards sites in the Chehelam Mountains AVA is where our first block of Pinot Noir was planted in 2007. It was chosen for its silica rich, sandy soils to a set of clones destined to thrive in this AVA. For five years we worked in the vineyard. Painstakingly working the soil and shaping the vines. We refused to harvest until we were ensured that the vineyard was ready to produce a world class wine worthy of a first release.




Our goal in planting our vines here and growing estate only fruit was never to rush to production. To give the vines the right amount of time for the roots to set and produce fruit worthy of the stellar vineyards that we border. Today, there are two small vineyard blocks, La Quercia and Verrazano, totaling just under five acres. Our three acre La Quercia Block is sized to commit the attention to detail in the vineyard needed to create a wine worthy of this land. We are committed to estate only production and painfully low yields even if it means making less wine. It is the only way we know to obtain a wine worthy of our heritage of yesterday and the land that surrounds us today. Our first vintage…The 2012 vintage, surpassed all expectations.

1900 – Onelia Formaglini, David’s Nonna, is born in La Quercia, Italia.

1918 – A talented harpist, Onelia travels to Malta to perform at the Royal Opera House. She meets a boy, Alfredo de Lancellotti. His dad owned the Opera House. They fell in love. Starting to see the picture here…?

1923 – Onelia and Alfredo marry…and have a son named Caesar (David’s father) …and a journey begins that leads from Italia, to Brooklyn, to Oregon…

2006……to a pristine site deep in the Willamette Valley where Pinot is meant to be grown.

2007 – La Quercia Pinot Noir block was planted and dedicated to all those who came before us, and to the future generations who will carry on this tradition.